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Genere: Black metal
Extreme metal
Thrash metal
Gothic metal
Gruppo: Cadaveria
Read the interview in Italian:

1.Hi Cadaveria, how’s going your band’s work?From 2001 you played and you made 3 albums ,are you making any new project?

Hi , all ok thanks!The new line-up, now formed by five elements, is already fully run in during last year full of lives events, and now we got greats points with new album’s works. There are so many things lay down

2.Which is the album you fell more yopur and why ? Who write the song’s lyrics?

I completely image myself and in the same way in all of our three albums. I deal the lyrics wording and i take part at the creation of all the songs and the videoclips, i personally realize the Cd’s Artworks, so i can tell you that Cadaveria always represent me and myself at 100%. Last album, “In Your Blood”, for sure contains differents sounds respect the first debut with “ The Shadows’ Madame”, anyway was passed so many years…but I can think that every album we made is as a picture of a period of my life and all three together are the expression of my evolution.

3.I saw your discography, you realized your first album "The Shadows' Madame" in 2002,"Far Away from Conformity" in 2004 and "In Your Blood" in 2007,following a twisted logic I observed that the albums’s sequence is in this way: the 2° after 2 years, the third after 3 years, Then is going to realize the fourth album??? We are in 2011!

Absolutly it’s a chance. We’re working on 4° album from more than one year… in this days we’ve finished the mixing and finally the songs are making the shape we wished . There’s still a lot to do before the realize like: mastering, grafics, video, live’s organizations, I can’t give you an exact date but I hope it will during this year.

4.Apart your band have you ever made a solo project?

CADAVERIA and DyNAbyte gives me full satisfaction and they get me busy a lot. I haven’t other musical projects in mind. Anyhow my two bands play differents styles, so they let me space and try enough

5.Many interviews with Nord Europe black metal tells about this kind of and I read that for them the Italian bands can’t play black metal music,what do you think about that?

i don’t love so much divide the music in prepacked genres and the controversy about black metal it’s an heard and heard thing where I don’t want to tell other words, isn’t the case to do it. Yes the blood is no like the water and our latins roots in some way will influence also on our way to make music!.But if Black Metal is made of blusters… then… Who have more reason to be pissed off as Italian people in this actual period?

6.I saw that in your there are so much differents voice’s tones,Do you train yourself a lot to get this effect? Who drove you to Metal Music?

I train myself minimal needful and i adopt the vocal style the music and the lyrics suggest me>I listen to metal since more 20 cause of a metting , not accidental for sure, with Flegias.

7.Would you like to play with someone in particular?Is there a modern singer which you reflect yourself?

I Think Skin has one of the best voice in the music international world. Between males I admire a lot Maynard James Keenan and in general Tool.

8.Whats your values and your defects? Who is Cadaveria?

I’m a patience perfectionist, direct sensitive, very reliable and really fucking breaker.

9.From all this years do you see that in the Italian scenery somethings is changed or is there always the same absurd bigotrism? How do you relate your lifestyle with your daily life?

The metal Scene is made with people who really believe in it. The bigotrism belongs to another social undertone that , sadly, judje the metal ,music without understand it. I mean all the persons who today too , tell about Metal as a coutic style.In my daily life i’m always the same girl. I took a choice years ago, i left a work i didn’t like to addict myself to do only what I like. Less money but more freedom.

10.Do you still have a dream you want to realize?

Play at Wacken.

11.What do you think about different profecies?,Do you believe in them or do you think it’s all a fake?

It’s undeniable that something is changin in the world. The North Africa revolution the nuclear crisis and the numerous episodes where the nature seems to retake the space we’ve stolen her , globalize they’re only a clear sign of discontinuity and ongoing energies mobilizations. I think that a morbid balance is going to be broke and i wish it will be replaced by something more true and spiritual. If then it will be the famous 2012 I can’t tell you

 Interview by Aramon

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